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About me

I started my musical studies at the age of 15, which ignited a lifelong passion for music. Since then I've taken on roles such as recitalist, collaborative pianist, concerto artist, composer, and organist. I've studied under John Stutte from 2017-2018, Eriko Ishikawa from 2018-2020, and currently, Dr. Robert Henry at Kennesaw State University. At KSU, I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of my artistry.

Throughout my musical pursuits, I've garnered acclaim at the 2022 Concerto Competition at KSU, and other local competitions. I've mostly been focused on improving my technique and artistry. After KSU I seek to continue studying piano at the graduate level. I aspire to reach the highest echelons of pianistic and musical development, and eventually compete at the international level.

You can check out my socials by clicking the links on the top right corner.

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